A miniature universe

Body...carrier of the mind and manifested soul is the vehicle created by nature as a miniature of its own self. Body and every creation of nature, like itself, constitutes of the basic five elements –agni (Fire), prithvi (Earth), jal (Water), vayu (air), Akash (ether).

In science we understand these also as the basic systems which constitute the body in Muscular, Skeletal, Respiratory, Digestive, Circulatory and Nervous forms.

The first step is to understand the functioning of the body. Why search outside, when actually everything is inside of you. A healthy body will lead the mind to right path of balance.

At Himgiri, we work on physical healing and spiritual healing, that replenish the body and allow it to function at its optimal best.

Physical Healing:

  • Yoga

Yoga se yog tak. Yoga helps body mind and soul to be balanced. This implies integrating all aspects of individual body with mind and mind with soul to achieve happiness. To achieve good health and tranquillity. We strongly advocate the practice of yoga to promote a balanced development of mental and physical being.

Spiritual Healing:

  • Spiritual Seva

An individual initiated at the sthan is connected cosmically through the kada (bangle), which is worn in the hand, blessed by The Sevadhar. The kada is uniquely made up of copper and silver, which embody the Male (Shiva) and Female (Shakti) elements of the body.

As evidenced in ancient Ayurveda, cast from copper and silver uniquely, the “Kada”, impresses upon one’s thought pattern with a positive impact, always connecting the individual to the central unanimous force which protects and guides us all through. This is one spiritual element.

Initiated with the Kada, under the protective and guided umbrella of Guru, every form is bestowed with basic spiritual elements blessed and energized by the Sevadaar in the form of Jal (water), Eliachi (cardamom), Laung (Clove) and Kali Mirch (black pepper), as per individual needs and requirements. These constitute the spiritual elements of healing.