Seva is selfless commitment to others. Seva can only be satisfactory in its true form only if the bhaav i.e. the feeling is pure. The pure intention with which Seva is done will produce real Merit.

Kanya Dana

Kanya Daan the wedding day ritual marks the biggest transition in a bride's life. Kanya Daan is considered as one of the biggest daans and a must in the lifetime. .

Gau Dana

Gau Daan that is gifiting a cow is considered as a important deed that one can perform in his life. It is said that a cow encompasses all deities within the body. A gau daan done at Himgiri is seva as the milk,curd and other products are used at the sthan itself.

Bhumi Dana

Bhumi i.e. land can be used for proving shelter,education and much more. Bhumi Daan at Himgiri will help establish and spread the essence of Satya,Prem and Seva and maneuver other wellness activities as well.

Vidya Dana

Education is enlightenment. Education opens doors to many opportunities. At Himgiri vidya daan is an initiative for one and all to contribute towards development of an educated society. You can either take over someones complete education or opt to teach as well.