Guru:The divine torch of enlightenment

In the spark form of divinity, Guruji’s childhood was all about fearless stories. Guruji exhibited virtues of positivity and hard work. As a source of universal wisdom, Guruji found happiness not only by doing different kinds of jobs but also from mastering and excelling at different art forms of: ‘yoga, kathak, abhinay’.

At the tender age of 16, Guruji was awarded India’s youngest scholarship to represent the country overseas on the insistence of Pandit Nehru. Glimpses of Guruji’s radiance were recognised by Dr. Rajendra Prasad and other noted luminaries by way of numerous awards including “The Natraj”.

Unaffected by pleasure or by pain, Guruji as a part of the supreme energy continued his journey on the path of truth, purpose and actual happiness.