Pujya Mataji

Mother Nature has been extremely kind upon on her children by revealing herself in the bodily form of Pujya Mataji. Pujya Mataji is the perfect example of balance between matters of spiritual and material world. Inclined towards spirituality from a young age and as a fearless child, Pujya Mataji possessed several powers without the realisation of their existence.

True to the qualities of mother nature, Pujaya Mataji mirrors the virtues of strength, courage and justice. As the chief pillar of support in this divine abode, Pujya Mataji’s purity of feelings, deep wisdom, quality of truthfulness and genuine affection take the form of countless blessings to grant social, moral and spiritual growth.

Pujya Mataji as the “Ardhangini” of Guruji accepted the path of truth and spirituality whole-heartedly. Pujya Mataji has demonstrated her highest regard for the path of Satya by conjointly sharing and taking forward the mantle of responsibilities with the same solidarity as Guruji.