Guruji’s mission was always to do something exceptional in his life. At a very early age he realized that he was born to do something different for mankind. He was born as a human with a motive. - Sent by the higher realms to increase the message of spiritualism.

After he met his Guru, his mission in life was only “Seva”, Seva with Satya and Prem. He wanted to do as much as Seva possible and make mankind aware of the importance of Seva. After he came back from his year long sabbatical, his mission was clear.

He wanted to start Seva in his own abode, take ahead the name of his Guru and his teachings, make people aware of their true purpose and qualities in life.

Guruji founded Himgiri, where a person has three dimensional growth i.e. soul, mind and body. This mission of his would be incomplete without his significant counter part, our Guru Mata(Mataji) who helped him take this mission from scratch and take it to a global level. Today Himgiri’s mission is to mark a global presence with SatyaPrem and Seva as taught to us by our Guruji.