The day of Lord Shiva. It is the day, when Lord Shiva, rises from his prolonged Samadhi at 12 in the night. Shiv Ratri is a major festival observed by the disciples of Gurudev. It comes about 40 days after the day of “Ganesh Chaturthi” every year.

Starting from the morning, on the day of the festival, people offer their prayers at gurusthan and offer “Bel” (A fruit), “Bel Patra” (The leaf of Bel) and “Dhatura” (Another fruit). All these are liked by Lord Shiva. Likewise, a “Nirjala” fast ( Fast without consuming even water ) is kept by all on this day.

The fast is broken after midnight with Shivratri jal.Then devotees have Prasad along with lime tea.This Prasad is unique, in the sense that Gurudev himself created it for his disciples and Bhakts.

Guru Poornima

The day of Gurudev. It comes on the day of “Poorna-Maashi” ( Full Moon Night ) in the month of July every year. Disciples offer their prayers since early morning on this day at the gurusthaan.

A coconut(symbolizing head) wrapped in a Handkerchief is offered at the sthaan as a symbol of surrendering oneself to gurucharan, which is returned after “Tilak” and disciples perform gurucharan puja by washing feet which is takes as guru chranamrit(jal). The Handkerchief brings Good – luck throughout the year. A prasad of “Meethe Chawal” ( Sweet Rice ) is distributed to all. Utsav starts 3 – 4 days before the festival and is carried on till 2- 3 days after it.

Avirbhav Parv

During our journey through life, we often encounter people, who spark a deep appreciation within us. We wish to emulate them, to imbibe an aspect of them into our lives. These are our teachers - our ‘Gurus’. They inspire us, to be better versions of ourselves.

Through us, they live on...

‘Avirbhav Parv’, is the celebration of the ‘Emergence’ or birth of this energy...‘Your Guru’... 

It is an effort towards invoking that what we want, need, yearn and wish to imbibe. The path we choose to take towards this growth, determines our progress as we evolve into insightful, successful, happier and selfless beings. This journey of evolution begins with the first step of awareness.

Every step comes with a sense of determination and clarity in our minds, about the person we aspire to be, eventually nudging us to dissolve into this all knowing light, of our Guru's.

This process of our ‘Evolution’ is celebrated by performing the ‘Pradurbhav Yagya’.

We send a message to our sub-conscious and to the cosmos, to help us and guide us on this path towards self-actualisation and beyond...