Conductor of feelings

The free-will of thoughts and emotions bestowed to the individual by nature; which leads to actions and feelings constitute what we know as the Mind. It is the driving force which is designed to balance the body. It is the collection of surficial knowledge, store house of emotions and Creator of thoughts. It is the mind that manifests actions and deeds and if not maintained in stability, is capable of playing with us all the time. To connect to the soul one needs to control his mind, by reaching it, to its optimum balance.

Meditation and Manthan are few of the many tools that help us in realising and attaining this balance, enabling the path of growth towards self actualisation and beyond...


Words create discrepancy and confusion. Silence serves as the best manner of communication in and as per nature. It utilises ether as the medium. It is one of the many ways of self actualisation.

Nature kept its ways simple, we make them mystical, which only illustrates our lack of understanding of it.

Dhyana, Silence, Solitude, Tranquillity and Ether are the key element of meditation.

The practice of meditation assumed to be ornate, is the simplest creation in nature which serves the innate want of an individual to discover and realise his or her true self. The process guides the peeping within oneself to invoke the elements which exist but lie dormant, unless nurtured by a want, resulting in one realising and experiencing the bliss of the tattvas they seek within oneself.


Extracting Nectar...Achieving Balance

Silence is golden with good reason. However, Human created language for ease of communicating the outputs of the mind. It served more than its purpose and led to creating varied interpretations and hence differences. Discrepancies over time became so large; that we lost control over our own free will mind and believed our prime priority was only the body. The effort to regain this balance is Manthan.

It is a process of learning and adapting the art of balancing the varied parameters of the mind as understood by the being. A deeper level of introspection towards learning the art of managing well the parts of the minds, and thereby controlling its output as manifested into thoughts and emotions.