To impart the message of “Seva”

The supreme grace of our Guruji manifested itself in the year 1989 as Himgiri Spiritual Research and Training Center. Himgiri’s main center (mukhyasthan) is nestled on the banks of the river Pavana near Lonavala India, with healing centres located across the globe.

At Himigiri, we are devoted to the task of human evolution by understanding the nature of that which is transient vis-a-vis that which is everlasting. Himigiri is a medium that awakens emotions of upliftment by sowing the grains of self-realisation and selfless service. Teachings at the centre revitalize body, mind and soul through the personification of virtues such as love, truth, servitude and selfless service.

Himgiri welcomes one and all and seeks to create a nurturing environment where layers of temporal existence are shed to advance on the path of enlightenment and eternal bliss.