Your belief is your truth

Satya for every individual is different but the ultimate satya wont change is a fact. When the person is true to himself then path to attain self awareness is obtained. He becomes fearless about what the worlds perspective about him is and becomes true to the world around him.

Acceptance is the vital part in the path of self awareness, accepting yourself the way you are brings you close to ultimate satya.A guru helps us to understand essence of Satya. Because a Guru is Satya himself. His guidance through the path of satya will always lead to the ameliorations of his disciple.


To rise above oneself and regard all souls as part of Him

Every impossible door can be broken with Love. Love in a broder concept is a higher form of emotion, when the person understands that emotion he is free from all bondages. In simple words, Love is treating everyone equally. No discrimination everyone is part of one and has come from one.

When you emote the feeling of love in you, only then will you meet and greet people with love. As the universal law says, only when you give, is when you get and this can be true or rather is true for all forms. As we know, Seva is nothing but selfless service and the fruits of such selfless service can be attained only when done with Love and Care..

A Guru teaches the true value of love and affection but also makes us understand ego is nothing but a layer of the reel life. A true Guru, will always accept his subjects irrespective of their deeds, nature or religion. If he being the Universe himself can accept us with open arms with only one desire to mould us from negative to positive, then why cant we! Be loving. Be kind.. The only thing that matters.


To serve all creations of the supreme

Seva refers to “Selfless Service” i.e. any kind of work or service done without expecting any fruits in return. Satya and Seva go hand in hand, any form of Seva, be it big or small, can never be fruitful enough unless done with true intentions. Selfless service is a devotion to our Almighty.

The law of life is not to be only personal but universal and this can be attained through Seva.

When you start believing that everyone has come from one. When you serve others, indirectly you serve yourself .