An invisible power

Soul is the ultimate level of consciousness. Once the soul is awakened you realize the purpose of your existence, you start working with the flow of nature. Everything is acceptable nothing is good or bad no discrimination of negative and positive. All are equal,all are one, when the soul has aquired this realization, it become one with Him.


The practice of selfless service (Seva) is the highest virtue for the benefit of humanity at large.Go out and help others with compassion and empathy.


Prayer is a very powerful tool available to mankind for seeking guidance and blessing. Prayer when done universally takes the form of selfless service. When you pray for others, universe spreads positivity to them and what you get in return is the same positivity in abundance.


Faith is the first step to the divine grace. Anybody who comes with a pure heart and an unconditional belief is sure to be blessed. It is only the unparalleled faith in Him that can help you progress in your path guided by your Guru.


Sound is the biggest energy in the universe. Every word has its own sound. When it is chanted in a particular manner, it evokes highest form of energy.

Mantras are flow of these words that when chanted energizes the individual to the path of attaning self awareness. These mantras are given by a spiritual master(Guru) and it is recommended to chant only under the guru's guidance.

Riverbrations of mantras happening inside